Welcome to Sacred Roots Healing!

We are a group of body workers (yoga teachers, licensed massage therapist, and shiatsu practitioners)  committed to helping people be and feel their best.

Below are the services we offer (private personal and group classes are available upon request)

Call or text 413-426-3983 to schedule any services 

East Meets West 2 Hour Massage – Come get the best of both massage worlds. This signature massage combo consists of a 1-hour grounding and chi (energy) balancing Shiatsu and Thai fusion bodywork treatment based on diagnosis with assisted stretching followed by a 1-hour Deep Tissue Massage targeting all those tough to release knots! This is being offered for a limited time for just $125 for new clients ($150 for existing clients)

Restorative Yoga with Massage Class *STARTING AGAIN APRIL 11th!!*IMG_8699

$35 per class OR 3 for $90 ~ Sundays 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Come enjoy generous amounts of massage and energy work by two body workers while relaxing in gentle, supported poses.

Click here to reserve your spot. ~ LIMIT OF 6 PEOPLE ~

Shiatsu Bodywork with Jen or Michelle

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$75 for 60 minutes  $105 for 90 minutes

Call or text 413-426-3983 to schedule your shiatsu treatment today. Shiatsu, a form of Japanese bodywork, is given on a soft mat, fully clothed. Shiatsu promotes healing through balancing body energy. The practice of Shiatsu is based on the philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine, which views health problems and illness as the imbalance of the body’s qi life force energy. During a Shiatsu session, the practitioner will use fingers, thumbs and palms to put pressure on specific points on the body, depending on a patient’s needs.

Are you wondering if shiatsu is right for you? Click here to learn about self-care, shiatsu, and the 5-elements.

Deep Tissue Massage with Steve

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$80 for a meditative massage $90 for deep tissue work per 1 hour or $120 per 1.5 hours ~ by appointment

Steve is a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and has been practicing since 2006, he enjoys working with athletes of all kinds and those with stressful professions. Steve has a sweet sensitive nature which immediately puts people at ease and he balances that with a strong deep tissue massage that targets those tough hard to relieve pain areas in the body. Steve takes pride in taking time to listen to his clients and delivering exactly what they need! Call/Text Steve at 413-626-0449 to book a session.