About Us

Welcome to Sacred Roots Healing!

We are a group of body workers (yoga teachers, licensed massage therapist, and shiatsu practitioners)  committed to helping people be and feel their best.

Our Mission:

  • To bring the ancient art of yoga and healing touch to our community.
  • To make the ancient art of yoga and healing touch accessible and affordable to all.
  • To offer a variety of unique experiences to help our busy community slow down and tune in to their own inner wisdom.
  • To practice compassion for all using the ancient art of yoga and healing touch.

We are body workers (yoga teachers, licensed massage therapist, and shiatsu practitioners) committed to helping people be and feel their best.

Meet Us:

Jen Parmentier Yoga Teacher,  Addiction Counselor, Educator/Advocate

5-Element Shiatsu Practitioner

Jen has been teaching yoga since 2005. She received her 200-hour training in Iyengar-inspired yoga from Karuna in Northampton, MA. She jumped right in and started teaching for a local non-profit mental health center for clients with both mental health and substance abuse histories as part of their progressive recovery program while she was becoming a certified addiction counselor. This was her “Ah-ha” moment and she knew, despite the challenges, that this was what she wanted to do as her life’s work. Some of the students in this class were severely traumatized, most had very limited physical ability. Jen received extremely positive feedback, from both the program directors and clients, which made it clear that this was the way she wanted to contribute to the world and help people heal. This experience largely informed the rest of Jen’s teaching. Feeling passionately about working with those who have suffered trauma, Jen further educated herself by becoming certified as a rape crisis counselor and educator/advocate through the Department of Public Health. She helped co-create a yoga program called Finding Safety in Your Body and taught this 6 week course through the former Everywoman’s Center in Amherst. Jen also taught yoga, as part of a program for self –discovery called “Flip your script”, a course co-created with two college professors to help girls from The Care Center in Holyoke rewrite their stories about themselves. Jen has engaged in many other advanced yoga trainings. She has taught at the YMCA, and other local studios. Jen is a member of the Yoga Service Council; service work is at the heart of her practice. Jen recently completed a Y12SR training, Yoga for 12 Step Recovery, which she is most passionate about and is eager to soon be offering Yoga for Recovery Classes. She also has completed a Prison Yoga Training and is excited to be involved with this program. Jen feels passionate about making yoga and massage accessible to all and she has joined up with her partner, Steve, a massage therapist, to teach a restorative yoga with massage class series offered weekly. Jen also is a 5-Element Shiatsu practitioner, she uses her intuitive healing skills to tune in to each person she works with and offer a session that addresses what their body needs on a deeper level. Jen is available for Shiatsu treatments and private yoga sessions or an amazing combination of the two.


Steve Fleury LMT 

steve bio pic

Steve Fleury has been practicing massage since 2005. His focus on deep tissue massage benefits all clients who work in a demanding profession, especially athletes. He is an avid cyclist, swimmer, and horticulturalist (holding a degree from Umass Stockbridge).  Since 2014, with the birth of his son, he has deepened his ability to tune into the body and understand the underlying issues that reside there. His diverse experiences as a LMT include work at Tanglewood, pamper the band documentary series, corporate events, volunteer work at local community events, as well as many individual clients. He allows each individual the time they need to discuss what is happening in their body and tailors his massage accordingly. His gentle nature helps him intuitively listen to each client’s body.  Currently, he has joined with his partner Jen, a yoga teacher and shiatsu practitioner, to teach a restorative yoga with massage class series offered twice weekly.


Michelle Eastman RYT 200, 5-Element Shiatsu Practitioner

Michelle Eastman has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She became a 200-hour certified Anusara-inspired yoga teacher in 2014. Click here to find her on Yoga Alliance. She is teaching Aerial yoga, as well as Yoga for teachers by teachers.  Also, Michelle offers shiatsu treatments, as she is a 500-hour trained 5-elements Shiatsu practitioner. She is an avid hiker who loves being in nature. As an educator and healer, she is eager to facilitate an amazing journey into yoga. Her intention is to create and hold a safe space for each student/client to dive deeper into themselves, to feel better in their body, and to dare to shine.