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Yoga for Lower Back, Hips & Sciatica

Starts Tuesday September 10th 5:30pm-6:45pm

If you have ever had lower back or hip pain — including sciatica — this class is for you! Join us for this 10-class series based on the gentle, progressive Viniyoga™ approach. Each week we will practice and adapt the simple movements, breathing, and relaxation techniques so that they work for you. Handouts provided to guide your home practice.
… This series is open to men and women with any amount of flexibility and yoga experience. You do not need to be Gumby to benefit from this approach. Beginners welcome! Mats and props provided.
… Cost is $140 for the 10-class series (Sept 10 – Nov 19, no class Oct 15) ~ OR ~ only $120 if registered by Sept 3. Advance registration required; payment plans/barter options available. Sorry no drop ins after September 17.
… For more info/to pre-register, contact Libby (413-834-4524 or
** Advance registration required; payment plans/barter options available.**

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Yin Yoga with Amber Saturday 10:00AM Starting September 14th

Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing connective tissues in the body. Yin is yoga at its coolest, deepest, quietest, stillest moments. It is perfect for people looking for a calm, meditative practice. This class will have you on the floor most of the time, using as many props (blankets, blocks, and bolsters) needed to create as little effort while holding poses. Poses are held for a minimum of 3 minutes. This allows joints and fascia to hydrate and release which promotes mobility in the body. Class will end with the option for a floating savasana in the Aerial Silks.

BIO: Amber Connors
Yoga San Kalpa (YOTV) grad of Yin & Nidra TT

Community of Sacred Roots Healing—Meet Amber.

Amber is a valley native who has been practicing yoga for 10 years. She has a fondness for building community, creating space for people to feel safe and valued, and sharing her love of yoga and meditation.

What’s better? She is a contented and heart-felt yogi who wants to create a space at Sacred Roots Healing to share her practice. She will be teaching a weekly Yin Yoga class at Sacred Roots Healing Saturday mornings at 9:00am.

Amber’s journey with yoga has been a slow unfolding. While the early years of her practice were sporadic, from very early on, it was clear that yoga tapped into something so unfamiliar and yet so vital in Amber—her authentic self. Each time she practiced, she accessed this full-hearted, groundedness that she knew she wanted to befriend. But how? Amber hit a dark patch in life when it happened: her mat called to her or, at least, her heart called to her mat. She honored the call and has since created a space for herself through yoga that has been a place of safety and discovery.

Yoga has profoundly transformed Amber’s life. This profundity inspired her to pursue her training as a Yoga Teacher. She recently complete a Yoga San Kalpa Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. She is engaged in further training with YSK through Yoga of the Valley this fall.

Amber is looking forward to sharing the practice of Yin Yoga at Sacred Roots Healing and, most importantly, she is EXCITED to meet you at the studio!

$10 drop in rate (cash only)

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Astral Explorations Sound Journey

September 14th 7:00-9:00pm

In this sound experience the focus will be projecting our consciousness through a series of internal landscapes. As we traverse these planes of existence, self awareness, reflection, relaxation and release are available to us. A diverse range of instruments and frequencies serve to light the way and bring us in contact with universal emotion. Sounds will include guitar, voice, handpan, didgeridoo, frame drum, gong, chimes, synthesizer, and a variety of other world instruments. Rest, meditation, dance, or movement are welcome in the space.

Sound will be provided by Nash Atkins and Gabe Salomon

Please bring water, and a journal to write incites if you so desire.

$15 for a mat
$30 for a yoga silk

Please message a host if you would like to attend but feel financially limited. We are willing to work it out.
Nash at 717-635-5666 and email

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Beginners Zouk with Sarah & Kristine

Saturday September 15th 1:00pm-3:30pm

Do you love to move your body to great music? Do you love human connection? Well then, this is the right dance class for you!

Zouk comes from Brazilian roots based in the dance called lambada. Once called forbidden dance, because of its sexy, sensual roots, is now one of the greatest forms of play.

Kristine and Sarah have both been trained internationally in this beautiful dance form with world renowned instructors. They come to you with great joy and excitement to share the love of zouk.

They will begin the class with connection exercises to help you get grounded in your body. We will play, learn technical basics, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!

The class will be taught with a non-binary style, where anyone can choose to lead or follow regardless of gender. You are free to be you! All dance experience levels are welcome!

Come with or without a partner. We switch partners throughout class. (Unless you come with a partner and prefer not to switch, of course)

1 PM-2PM Beginner Zouk Class
2PM-3:30PM Open Dance with DJ (Instructors will be present for questions and dancing!)

$17 Class/Open Dance
$15 Students and Financial Hardship
$8 Social Only

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Recovery Kirtan Friday September 20th 8:00pm

First of all, what is addiction? How about this definition?: ” Any behavior you continue to do despite the fact that it brings negative consequences into your life”.
— Tommy Rosen, Author of ‘Recovery 2.0’

OK, here’s a sampling of addictions in no special order: overeating, social media, alcohol, worrying, chaos, sex, gambling, marijuana, drama, smart phones, painkillers, anxiety, etc.

We are really excited to come together to share this event with the recovery community, friends and allies, all of whom are all invited to attend an evening of heart warming community Kirtan. Come and unplug from that which doesn’t serve you and isolates you, and fill up with the healing power of singing mantras as a group. It is a sweet community.

“Kirtan is amazing because it can carry and express and hold and nurture everything inside us…all the feelings and emotions.” – Jai Uttal.

For this recovery kirtan, Dave Russell will be joined by Libby Volkening (vocals), Scott Halligan (cello), and Amanda Turk (percussion).
Spiritual poet Danny Shanahan will be reading some of his own Recovery-based poems between the chants. “Those in recovery will bring the flame of their awakening and longing to the mantras, two lights magnifying the miracle of recovery”. — Danny
We will end the evening with a short metta (lovingkindness) meditation by Jen Parmentier, owner of of Sacred Roots.
$10 to $20 suggested donation. We really appreciate your support.
Chairs and cushions available. Elevator accessible.

Also, the Refuge Recovery meeting is from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm just 2 doors down at Insight Meditation, so we invite those attendees to join us after for a full night of inspiring recovery.

A portion of your donation goes back to the Call and Response Foundation to support these programs. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to serving and expanding the mantra music community. The mission is to share the experience of chanting with one million people by 2020. Now, the staff works to connect sacred sound musicians in outreach programs like universities, prisons, psychiatric facilities, refugee communities, and shelters.

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Shakti-Alchemy Sound Healing Immersion with Yoga & Bodywork September 21st 4:00pm-5:30pm

Join Jen and Joa on International Peace Day as we celebrate the harvest time, fall equinox and honor the ancestors. In Chinese medicine we move into the season of the Earth element. Earth is a stabilizing force during these times of transition. After all the activity of spring and summer, nature’s time to grow and bloom, earth can help us get centered and balanced in late summer as we organize ourselves for the autumn harvest and begin to prepare ourselves for winter, the season of rest.

We will tap the Earth meridians, and do Make Ho meridian stretches. We will embrace this season as we ease into some restorative poses with energy work, massage and sound healing.

Joa let’s Spirit guide these sound meditations and so every one of them is unique for a powerful night of vibrational healing. Sublime frequencies of Crystal bowls, Koshi chimes, Tibetan bowls and voice will traverse through your inner landscapes for healing and transformation, assisting you in releasing old unworthy patterns of energy and support you in recreating the higher octaves of your true authentic self. We will hold a powerful circle for your personal and collective intentions. We look forward to sharing this magical Alchemy with you ❤️

Exchange $30-40 sliding scale

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All of us have an inner narrative about who we are and what we can expect from life. Often, though, our perceived failings and imperfections play a bigger role in our narratives than the times when we have felt powerful, successful, and appreciated.

Through the interweaving of principles of neuroplasticity, Qigong movement, and the power and intelligence of the heart, you will learn to transform habitual ways of thinking and feeling and create a visual representation of your inherent power, joy, and essential goodness. Materials provided.

Workshop cost $75 before Sept 7, $85 after Sept.7. Registration required. Purchase tickets at

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In the Moment Sound Healing Meditation with Joa & Julian Saturday September 28th 7:00pm

Come relax and renew your body and spirit as you are bathed in sacred chants, sounds and vibrations. A wonderful way to release stress and create more space in your heart.

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2 day Thai Massage Mat/Table Combo Certification October 26th & 27th

2 Day Thai Massage Mat/Table Combo Certification

with Rishi Eric Infanti, MA2, LMT, ERYT-500, Ayu
Author, CEU Educator, Gifted Therapist, Veterans Advocate
– Author, Mindfulness Coach, Speaker
– Advanced Yoga Teacher, Therapist, & Ayurveda Practitioner

Who doesn’t love Thai Yoga Massage? Get certified now! Sign up for this 2 Day Training and earn 12 CEUs.

Earn the investment of this course with 3 client appointments!

It’s the perfect combination of Yoga and Massage and the participant doesn’t even have to move. This is an invaluable tool for Therapists and Yoga teachers. Learn how to release tension and ease pain throughout the body by using the body, moving it into the poses and opening it up with gentle massage techniques.

12 Live CEUs for NCBTMB & Yoga Alliance

Course Description:
We will cover the basic principles, ethics, bodywork and theory of the Thai Healing Art of interactive massage, energy meridian work, and yoga treatment. Upon completion of this course you will learn enough poses and techniques to give a 60 minute Thai Yoga Massage session. This highly organized, step-by-step training includes demonstrated massage sequences, followed by substantial hands-on practice. We focus on proper body mechanics, mindfulness in how we move our bodies, and smooth transitions between poses. Classes include supervised practice sessions.

Who should take this course:
• Thai Massage therapists who want to improve their skills or refine their therapeutic abilities
• Yoga teachers who want to add Thai Yoga Massage to their services or want to improve their classes
• Massage therapists who want to add Thai Massage to their repertoire or who need CEUs
• Personal trainers who want to include therapeutic skills into their work
• Pilates teachers find Thai Yoga Massage greatly enhances their hands-on skills.
• CrossFit Coaches who want to include these skills into their work enhances their hands-on skills.
• Physical therapists who want to add another layer of skills to their work
• Spa operators who want to expand their menu of services and train their staff in a cost effective way
• All practitioners of complementary therapies can learn another healing art to add to their skills.

This ancient healing system can benefit you in many ways if you:
• Want to maintain your body in top condition for sports, dancing, or physically demanding work
• Have restricted range of motion, muscle pain, or tightness
• Overused muscles or joints by running, dancing, exercise, or work
• Have injuries which restrict full and free functioning of your body
• Want to restore your flexibility, vibrant energy and feeling of well being
• Want to improve your ability to relax your body and mind
• Want to learn a time tested and effective therapeutic system
• Want to use Thai Massage as a lucrative and fulfilling career

Learning Objectives:
• Students will list the 10 major Sen Lines massaged during a Thai massage.
• Learn proper body mechanics to keep your client and yourself safe during a Thai massage
• Get educated on alternate body positioning for various body types
• Discover the origins of Thai Massage including what the Thais believe
• Students will Gain experience in delivering a safe and therapeutic 60-minute Thai massage routine from memory.
• Students will Learn how to achieve optimal benefit with your Thai massage and create longevity for your career by taking care of yourself.

Course Materials:
Detailed handouts are provided via email to you. Please print & bring.

Setup & Supplies:
• Bring your Yoga mat, or Thai floor mat (Thai mat not required), bolsters, pillow & blankets
• Print & bring your printed handout
• Bring Tea Tree essential oil
• Bring a Massage oil of choice
• Lunch time will be given, please be prepared with meals or locations
• Bring plenty of water and a snack

Course Delivery Format:
A break will be given after the lecture portion of the class followed by practical hands-on demo and hands-on practice. A review of relevant anatomy will be displayed, mirroring the student therapist’s handout & notes, showing muscle attachments and placement on the body. review of muscle actions and where we as humans can potentially go wrong followed by a thorough demonstrations of the techniques we are covering.

You will work in partnership to practice the techniques, demonstrated and taught be Rishi. A PowerPoint presentation will be provided via email that has step-by-step pictures of each technique taught with plenty of white space to take notes to serve as your guide and reinforce your practice.

Bring Water, a snack, and a journal.

Rishi’s books as well as custom esoteric Yoga & Buddha art commissions are available for purchase. Text or email him for details.
More Info:
Rishi Eric Infanti, MA2, LMT, ERYT-500, Ayu
Author, CEU Educator, Gifted Therapist, Veterans Advocate

Investment, get this paid back with 3 client sessions. It’s a no brainer to attend this and add to your service offerings:

$400 early registration by Oct 12
$445 after October 12

* U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
* Author of “Marine in the Mat”, “Breath Becomes Life”, “Yoga for the Martial Way” & “Mindfulness & Yin Yoga”
* Transformational Mindfulness & Marketing Coach for Psychologists & Therapists
* Creator of the Mindfulness Clinical Blueprint Program for Psychologists
* Creator of Ascend: Online Yin Yoga Classes
* CEU educator and trainer for Psychologists, Massage Therapists & Yoga Teachers
* Advanced Yoga Teacher, National Board Certified Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner
* Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt, Tactical Fitness Instructor, CrossFit Coach & Seminar Leader

A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran & 7-time Author, he is the author of “Marine in the Mat” & “Breath Becomes Life”, “Yoga & the Martial Way”, & “Mindfulness & Yin Yoga”; and is a Transformational Mindset & Marketing Coach for Psychologists, Therapists, Alternative Healers & Yoga Teachers.

It is Rishi’s passion to help the overall Veterans’ support community bring much needed, relief and healing to Veterans especially those with PTSD. He does this through a multi-tiered “Mindfulness for Veterans Clinical Blueprint Program”. This is built upon a holistic & integrated approach of Mindfulness mental focusing and Yoga Meditation & Movement, which is proven to bring the human Psycho-Physiology & Psycho-Spiritual back to wholeness & oneness. The programs are delivered both live in-person or virtually where modalities are customized for each segment of health professionals, family caregivers and the Veterans themselves.

He is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and a CEU educator and trainer for Massage Therapists & Yoga Teachers, while offering his own eclectic Certification design for Yin Yoga, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and a 20/50/200/500 hr Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training.

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