Happy Valley Community Kirtan

In collaboration with The Call and Response Foundation http://www.callandresponsefoundation.org/ Sacred Roots Healing hosts a community Kirtan twice monthly. One is a special Recovery Kirtan and the other is a community Kirtan with local and various other traveling Kirtan artists. 

The Call & Response Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to serving and expanding the mantra music community. The mission is to share the experience of chanting with one million people by 2020. Their vision is to raise consciousness on the planet through mantra.

IMG_3838The foundation started in 2010 with a dream… Three people who felt more vibrant, calm, and connected through kirtan, the ancient sanskrit practice of call and response chanting, decided to share the practice with as many people as possible.

Now, the staff works to connect sacred sound musicians in outreach programs like universities, prisons, psychiatric facilities, refugee communities, shelters, and more so that they can offer free conscious music to participants.

The events are by donation and a portion of your donation goes back to the call and response foundation to support these programs.

Sherrie Howard Kirtan with Mark Kelso & Nathan LaFratta at one of our community kirtans

If you love to sing, you just might love kirtan! In a traditional Indian call- and-response style that is simple to learn and easy to follow, we sing the sacred names of the Divine One. Everyone experiences kirtan in a different way.  It doesn’t have to be religious. You could almost describe it as a sing-along!   A typical kirtan is experienced with everyone sitting on the floor or in a chair. The wallah (leader) sings a mantra and the audience sings it back. As you sing, it is possible that you begin to feel a connection to each other and feel a peaceful release of stress within your body and mind. We invite you to experience this for yourself ,as we are very excited for this wonderful opportunity to connect with community and to support each others’ transformations.   Click on this link to listen to samples of  kirtan: http://newworldkirtan.com/

Kirtan with Quinn Trickey & Friends Friday January 31st 7:30PM

Kirtan is an ancient yogic practice of call and response style recitation of divine names and sounds set to beautiful music. This meditative practice is a fun and expressive way to tap into your own sense of peace and community. No Sanskrit or musical experience needed!

Join Quinn Trickey (vocals/harmonium), Jiyanna Vagedes (vocals), Gerry LeBlanc (vocals), Kalidasa (flute/percussion), Nathan LaFratta (percussion), and Greg Bertsch (percussion/clarinet) for a night of music, mantra and magic!

A portion of donations collected will go to the Call & Response Foundation in their efforts to offer chant events at educational institutions, festivals, psychiatric and correctional facilities, and at-risk youth programs.

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Super Bowl Kirtan with Dave Russell Sunday February 2nd 7:30PM

Come experience the only Superbowl Kirtan in North America!

I know it’s not the easiest thing to leave your home in the darkness to drive to kirtan. But when we all come together, the magic begins and medicine of the mantras takes over. A room full of all kinds of emotional states. What to do? Our emotions are our rocket fuel for kirtan. Mantras are powerful medicine to experience and expand our feelings of well being. Let your mind take a backseat to your heart, and open to your higher consciousness.

Dave’s kirtans are a fusion of musicality, devotion, many decades of spiritual learning, and a lively sense of humor. He leads kirtans around the Northeast and regularly at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA.

For this event, he will be accompanied by Holly Hartmann (vocals), Kalidasa Getter (flute, clarinet),, and Denny Pelletier (percussion). .

$10-20 at the door. Card reader for credit cards, EBT, and Paypal available.

Dave’s first kirtans began in 1972 when he began leading Friday night kirtans for Swami Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga Institute. He lived, studied, and taught Hatha Yoga there just before meeting Ram Dass in 1973 (and darshan with Neem Karoli Baba) which changed everything forever. Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass continue to be Dave’s primary mentors for all these decades.

For his up to date schedule, see www.daverussellkirtan.com or ‘Dave Russell Kirtan’ on Facebook. His home base is Sacred Roots Healing, Suite #246 at Eastworks in Easthampton, MA. It is located over Riff’s restaurant at the far West end of the building.

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Recovery Kirtan

Friday February 21st 8:00pm

Seven Sisters Kirtan Every 3rd Thursday 7:00PM

Please join Seven Sisters Kirtan for a night of sound healing, meditation and kirtan. There will be meditative and uplifting energetic chants, and sound healing using crystal bowls and other divine tools by Joa and Amanda. The Seven Sisters kirtan band is a group of healers, musicians and long time friends who seek to be of service to the sound current and the divine feminine energy through song. Please join us, and sometimes our musical guests/friends for an inspired evening of crystal bowl healing, kirtan and meditation. All are welcome, suggested donation $10-20 no one turned away.

Kirtan is a call and response practice from India of chanting the Divine Name to bring one into greater alignment with the Self.
We will sing, chant and meditate together, mainly in Sanskrit but no previous musical experience is required and all are welcome from any belief system. We look forward to welcoming you!

$10-20 Donation

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