Intro to Shiatsu

How do you maintain balance in your life? Have you tried exercise? Yoga? Massage? Meditation? Something else? What about a 5-element shiatsu treatment?

What is 5-element shiatsu?

On this educational website, you will create a self-care plan, learn about 5-element shiatsu, and evaluate your current self-care efforts to determine if shiatsu might improve your self-care.

 “ In philosophy, self-care refers to the care and cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense, focusing in particular on the soul and the knowledge of self.” from wikipedia

Learning Objectives

To create a self-care plan

To examine the basics of 5-element shiatsu in order to determine if it’s right for you

  • What is shiatsu?
  • What are the 5-element and what does it have to do with shiatsu?
  • Is 5-element shiatsu right for you?

To evaluate your current self-care efforts and determine if shiatsu might improve your self-care.

Learning Activity: Exploring Shiatsu

Activity Objective:

Define (or explain) shiatsu and identify how it might help your self care

Activity Instructions:

Now you know a little bit about shiatsu. So, you may be wondering: “What does the 5-elements have to do with a shiatsu treatment?”

Answer: a 5-element shiatsu practitioner uses the 5-elements and their associated meridians during every shiatsu session in order to balance excess and deficient energy in your body.

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