Special Events

Balancing Emotions with

Essential Oils


Saturday April 27th at 11:00AM 

Aromatherapy has long been studied for the powerful effects scents can have on day to day stresses.

Because your emotions and your body are connected, emotions are powerful enough to impact how you feel physically. Have you ever been so nervous that your stomach was upset? Or have you ever been so sad that your body literally hurt? You may have experienced a physical manifestation of an emotional blockage or negativity without realizing it. Once you can release those negative feelings and patterns, you can regain control over yourself. Join us to explore how essential oils can help you turn emotional patterns in your favor. Let’s start to peel some layers!

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Healing Sound Journey


Saturday May 4th 4:00pm-5:30pm

Healing Sound Journey
Invites you to deepen your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience
of your life through the Art and Science of receiving Healing Sound.
Sound waves emanating from Gongs, RavVast metal hand drum, Tuning Forks,
Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drum will carry you to “Aha” moments of inspiration.
Experience how Mindful Listening and your introduction to Brain Entrainment
can allow you to soften and release your tethers to mental chatter.
Your Sound Journey begins with aligning your session’s Personal Intention with
the Field of Infinite Possibility and polish off your journey with Gratitude.
Paul brings his long life thread of Percussion, CranialSacral Balancing, Polarity
Therapy, Matrix Energetics and Tibetan Buddhism to fruition in
Healing Sound Journey
Bring your favorite cushion, pillow and eye sleep mask for total comfort while
resting on provided yoga mats or sitting in chair.
We suggest you arrive before 3:40 to reserve your space and settle in.

$20 RSVP $25 at the door
RSVP text/call 413-426-3983 or Paul at mmgood.p@gmail.com

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Restorative Yoga with Acupuncture, Aromatherapy & Bodywork with Energy Healing


Saturday April 27th 2:00pm-4:00pm 

Come be deeply nourished in some restful fully supported restorative poses, receive a grounding and balancing acupuncture treatment from Cassie Daniels, Mac, LicAc, DiplAC of The Community Acupuncture Center of Easthampton. Relax and soften with some light bodywork and energy healing from staff at Sacred Roots Healing. Take your physical calm to a new level by incorporating all of your senses as Amy our oily Goddess infuses aromatherapy into this amazing experience.

$45 Investment

Space is limited. You must reserve a spot call/text 413-426-3983

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Ecstatic Breathwork: Rebirth A New You

Saturday April 27th 7:00PM-10:00PM

Looking for a powerful process that taps you into your inner healer?

Come heal & transform using a revolutionary healing journey that millions are experiencing that heals what would take years of therapy to heal. And experience what people around the world rejoice as the most powerful healing modality in the world!

Ecstatic Breathwork® Miracles:

-Activate Our Potential To Heal Ourselves!
-Deep Remembering Of Our Divine Nature!
-Opens the Doors for Us To Reclaim Our Magick!
-Free Us From Past Trauma & Old Worn Out Cycles!
-Reveal To Us New Possibilities & Connects Us to Our Destiny!

💛Wild Heart Investment💛
April Special
$25 early bird, $35 day of
2 for $40
bring a loved one, friend or family
Venmo Sacred Earth Guardians
Paypal @SacredEarthGuardians
Sells Out Quick, Snag Your Tix Today!
To secure your spot, send payment.
💓Grab your tix as our tribe experiences true bliss💓

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